Status Update



Wow, has it been three weeks already? Well. I have been off the reservation as far as any structured diet. What I have adhered to almost perfectly is the restriction of sugar and carbs during the week. At least Monday through Thursday. Friday starts the weekend proper as far as I am concerned.

I am doing yoga regularly, at least every other day. The scale has been up and down by the same 3 pounds, never going over my danger number, thank goodness, because that would send me right back into severe restriction mode.

I might have to accept that this may be my natural weight. It is true that I have hovered around this weight for most of my adult life. And I’ve never liked that fact. I have occasionally dipped ten pounds below it (2001) and at one time (2003-2004) I skyrocketed 35 pounds above it! Yikes! That was when I gained back weight after the Atkins diet.

It might do me well to construct a weight timeline over the years. Maybe my goal is not practical and maybe not even sustainable with my current level of activity and my age (48 this October).

Hmmm…food for thought…

Vegan Slow Carb Diet: The End of The Road



In the past six weeks my weight has gone back and forth, up and down the scale by about three pounds and guess what? I’m right back to my starting weight!! And it has been a tortuous journey. Lentils and lentils and lentils every morning.

But THIS morning, as I write, I am sitting here sipping a delicious Matcha Green Tea Smoothie, a combination of fresh organic spinach, big sweet chunks of frozen mango, pineapple and banana with a generous grating of fresh ginger.


I give up on this diet. That is not to say the diet doesn’t work–but as with every program, you have to follow the directions exactly. I did not. I didn’t take the supplements or do the recommended sequence of exercises and all the little tweaks along the way. I thought it might work anyway. I thought it would be enough–simply the absence of sugar and carbs along with being vegan would make the pounds just drop right off. Wrong.

The diet would be much easier if I ate eggs, I’d imagine. I remember losing a ton of weight quickly on the Atkins diet long before I was vegan. The food was so delicious: meat, cheese, mayonnaise, cream in my coffee, ranch dressing, bacon! I remember losing all the weight I wanted to and then some. However, I also remember gaining back 20 pounds over the course of only a year!


And, by the way, lentils are chock full of carbs. I hated that over-full feeling every morning. My energy has been low and although I have stuck with a regular yoga routine, I never wanted to do any cardio or weight training. I just didn’t have the energy. I miss feeling light and energetic in the morning. That’s what my smoothie would provide for me. And of course, I could have a smoothie on my free day… but come on! One day per week to eat all the things I couldn’t eat all week long? Well, the smoothie never made it onto the list of foods I could cram into 16 hours.

I don’t believe fruit is bad for my diet. It’s a naturally occurring food! It’s full of vitamins. I missed it…never as much though, as when I couldn’t have it. I was never a big fruit eater, it’s just the smoothie was part of my routine before. The Matcha is so energizing that it takes me through my day and into the evening without feeling dragged down.

So, now what? I still want to lose 7-10 pounds. And I’m still going to do it. But maybe, just maybe all these years of dieting have taught me enough to put together a plan that works for me, that is realistic and sustainable.

Stayed tuned…because my journey is not over yet!




Slow Carb Diet Week #6


IMG_4393 (1)

Here I am in week six. Still in it. But honestly, the scale is going nowhere. Last week was full of promise fueled by the little dip in my numbers and then I lost momentum somewhere around Wednesday.

I couldn’t keep up with the wine restriction and bought another bottle halfway through the week. I did go one night without wine, though. My premenstrual syndrome was particularly rough this month and I absolutely could not beat the craving for sugar on Thursday. I cheated on the diet. There I said it.

I ate a whole container of Nutter Butter miniature cookies and a Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor “Kind” bar. About an hour later I ate a small order of fries. And I felt sick. But, no shame. I just accepted it. I wanted it and I did it. I knew it would mess me up, but there it is.

I have also been starting my “free ” day the night before. It is so hard to wait all week. But this week I started it the afternoon before, by eating cold chocolate fudge sauce I found while cleaning the freezer. Aah, the slippery slope.

Yesterday was my free day and I indulged as per usual, but found I couldn’t really eat as much forbidden food as my mind wanted to.

I’m back on the straight and narrow today and I honestly don’t know what other plan to follow. This plan does work…slowly but surely…if I follow the rules. I just had a bad week. I still feel better when I avoid sugar and carbs. That is a fact. I will continue on and do my best next week. That’s all I can say.


Vegan Slow Carb Diet Week #5



Okay, feeling a little better this week and that’s all due to the scale finally giving up and moving in a downward direction. Yay! All in all over the past five weeks I have lost four pounds. I started at 146 and and my last weigh-in read 141.8.  The loss is exceedingly slow and the scale goes up and down, up and down, especially when I have the free day each week. My biggest challenge is in staying positive and focusing on how much I have lost instead of how much more I have to lose.

What I did differently this past week? I got back on track with eating within the first hour by prepping my breakfasts in advance, three days at a time. Then, I just pop it in the microwave when it’s time to eat. I also got back to the 30 grams of protein rule and honestly, even though I feel full to the limit, I don’t feel as hungry throughout the day at all. I am eating more salads and veggies, cashew-based creamy dressings (sometimes) and less nuts and nut butters.

Oh, also, I cut back on the wine, carefully measuring just 8 ounces per evening and I sip it slowly–after dinner. And when I ran out, I went 3 nights without wine, opting for a cup of hot decaf tea instead. That was a big switch! I plan on doing the same next week which will take me from 3 bottles per week down to just one!

I am also doing yoga regularly, just completing a 30 day yoga camp with Yoga by Adrienne on Youtube. A great instructor and a great series.

So, I’m staying the course. I’ll check back in next week!

Vegan Slow Carb Diet Week #4


Black Beans with Oregano, Olive Oil and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

I’ve been procrastinating on writing this post. It’s been four weeks and despite my enormous sacrifices, the scale does not budge.

Of course, I have also made modifications in order to stick with the restrictions, such as eating breakfast when I get to it instead of strictly within the first hour, and not counting protein grams on that first meal of the day. I can’t stand feeling so full first thing in the morning.

I can see these modifications may be getting in the way of my weight loss and also I may be drinking too much wine in the evening: approx 1/3-1/2 bottle per night. I realize my overweight may be due to emotional eating, because I see my drinking as emotional. Not in a particular high or low state, but as a means to alter my mood.

I wonder if I take this week and restrict my alcohol to only on the weekend, if I will notice a difference on the scale. I will try it, knowing that it’s a temporary adjustment. But the wine has been my solace, I realize that–after a day of eating beans, beans and more beans. So, I don’t know how long I will be able to last.

This diet is not easy for a vegan and if you have any other option for weight loss, I would not recommend this one. I don’t feel I have any other option because I cannot moderate my intake of carbs and sugar. Everything comes down to discipline in the end, though.

I don’t know what else to do but stay the course. I still feel better without carbs and sugar and my clothes fit slightly better…although I am headed into the premenstrual zone again. My weight loss stands at only 2 pounds (wince) and I feel bloated, possibly from all the salt used to flavor this bland diet.

I set out to lose ten pounds on this diet and I read that this plan is most effective for people with a lot a weight to lose. It seems way, way harder than the last time I worked it, back in 2011.

I am going to go back to eating within one hour and the 30 gram rule, even if that means supplementing with a vegan hot dog or chunk of Gardein here and there. It’s time to re-double my efforts.

I’m still in it to win it, so let’s see what the week brings!


Slow Carb Diet Week #3


Zucchini Noodles with Cashew Alfredo Sauce and Steamed Broccoli

It’s still slow going on this diet, but I am staying the course. I lost one pound over the course of this past week. I have had a disruption in my daily routine due to circumstances outside of my control so I had to abandon the “eat within the first hour” rule. I also gave up the 30 grams of protein at breakfast rule. I eat as many lentils as I can hold and no more. I am getting very, very tired of lentils. I would say this is not the best diet for a vegan who wants to keep it whole food. There’s not much else to eat except lentils to try to get that high protein count.

Today is my free day and after the past two weeks I am entering a bit more conservatively. The first week was just too much food. I felt sick. The second week was looser, but way too much sugar. This week I’m just going to play it by ear, eating whatever I want to and spontaneously.

I will do the grapefruit juice, but I will not start my day with lentils. I need a serious break. I can see where I am not going to be able to follow this diet to the letter. There’s just not enough weight loss to encourage me to stick with the rigid plan. However, I still feel much better without bread, carbs and sugar in my daily life. That is a change for the better and I am sticking with that part no matter what.

Let’s see what Week #4 holds.

Slow Carb Diet Week #2



I’ve been back and worth and up and down the scale by three pounds over the past two weeks and it’s kind of making me crazy at this point. As it stands today, I am still down 2 1/2 pounds since I started this diet, but I was hoping for more.


Okay, so it’s slow going. I am trying to be patient, but I am impatient. On the bright side, I feel mentally and emotionally more clear than ever with sugar and bread out of the picture most days. It feels good to be not thinking about food all the time. I am only ever hungry at regular mealtimes for the most part. I’m staying the course.

Sunday will be another free day and I am looking forward to that. More to come!